Mammillarias as Houseplants

Mammillarias are a genus of cactus that are good houseplants for a sunny windowsill. They are relatively slow growing and with time will flower. Several species are available at garden centres and supermarkets but your plant may be incorrectly labelled or not labelled at all!

They are easy to grow, requiring similar conditions to other cacti, ie regular watering in the summer, a free draining potting mixture and a dry winter rest. Most commonly seen in cultivation are Mammillaria bocasana, M. elongata, M. karwinskiana, M. polythele and M. spinosissima

The Mammillaria Society focuses on this genus and other closely related cacti and offers a quarterly journal and annual seed list. Become a member or follow us on Instagram and Facebook. Instagram is a great place to see pictures of beautiful plants. It can inspire you to seek out plants you want to grow yourself, and it can be a window on a whole world of plant people. There are nearly 600,000 posts tagged “Mammillaria”, and we post every day. We do “Ask Me Anythings” there, for when you need plant advice, and post links to our free online talks too. Search for mammillaria_society or click the link ->

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Free Seed

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