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Mammillaria longimamma



Mammillaria longimamm in cultivation


Mammillaria longimamma is probably one of the most popular species in the Dolicothele subgroup. It’s large yellow flowers open wide to a diameter of 2-3 inches on a good sunny day.

It comes from the states of Hidalgo and Queretaro, and is especially widespread around the Barrranca de Meztitlan.

It clusters both in cultivation and in habitat, forming mats of long tubercled heads (hence its name) to as much as 30cms or more. The tubercles have variable number of radial spines, between 6 and 10 have been observed, and the typical form has usually a single central spine, occasionally up to 3. It has a well known variety, var. uberiformis, and this has no central spine. This is not consistent, even within a single small group of plants, let alone a population, though a useful descriptive, it is best only used in that way, and not used as a species or subspecies.

Cultivation is quite easy, and it seems to like a reasonably rich compost, though still one with decent drainage. Then it will slowly offset, and reward you with those large flowers in mid summer.


Mammillaria longimamma CD12/129, west of Bellavista del Rio, Qro.