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Recommended Books

Recommended Books about Mammillaria,

and Coryphantha

Several books have been published or made available by the Society. These are all now out of print but include:

  • Interesting Newer Mammillarias by Dr Bill Maddams

  • Meritorious Mammillarias by Dr Bill Maddams

  • Coryphantha and Allied Genera by Ian Lawrie

  • Dr R T Craig’s celebrated The Mammillaria Handbook. Written in the 1930’s & still a basic reference work

  • Essential reading, John Pilbeam's second and superb book on Mammillarias.
  • A more general book, but one which can justly be described as "The Ultimate Cactus Book" is the late Ted Anderson's "The Cactus Family"
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  • Coryphantha by Reto Dicht and Adrian Luethy