Committee Members


Who are its Members?

The Society has a world-wide membership. Members range from professional botanists to enthusiastic amateurs. All share a common love of the genus and a wish to increase their own knowledge and share this with fellow members.

What are the benefits to Members?

  • Four Journals each year

  • An annual seed offer, with the varied choice usually including habitat collected seed

  • Occasional study groups set up to examine particular aspects of the hobby

  • Books on Mammillaria and allied genera


Subscriptions for 2014

You can now join and renew safely and securely, using your credit card, through our association with PayPal, the world's leading on-line payments system. Alternatively you can download and print the 2014 Membership Application Form here.

UK Members using Paypal will be emailed a request for their current and past membership subscriptions to be considered as Gift Aid. The Society is in the process of applying for this. We would very much like all members to agree as it pushes further back the time when we have to consider again any increases in subscriptions. Do note that the only increases this year are to non UK membership, and these only to fully cover international postage costs.

Pricing is shown in British Pounds but you will be billed in your local currency. This means that Mammillaria Society membership is now available throughout the world.

We regret the increase in membership, which is the first for 9 years. The rising costs of paper and printing have forced us into this, as our income no longer met our costs, which are almost toally the costs of our Journal.

PLEASE NOTE: Your Paypal receipt will have an old email address on it. If you need to follow up anything connected with your transaction, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


UK Membership £13

UK Membership | 13 GBP


European Membership £20

European Membership | 20 GBP


Rest of World Membership (including USA) £24

Rest of World Membership | 24 GBP

Just click on the link to join us or renew your subscription. If you are renewing, don't forget to include your membership number.The subscription year runs from January and if you join part way through the year then all the previous Journals for that year will be sent to you.

Note: there are no additional shipping, handling or tax costs - all rates are fully inclusive.