Annual Meeting

Annual Meeting

Annual Meeting – May 5th 2019 at RHS Wisley


Our agenda is:


10:00    Gallery Display area opens

11:30    Annual General Meeting in the Clore Centre (next door to the Glasshouse)

13:00    Plant Q&A - Members can ask questions about their plants of a panel of

experienced growers.

14:00   Afternoon talks in the Clore Centre

Rick Gillman - Travels in Mexico

Chris Davies – The Valley of Metztitlan

16:00   Close


Plant sales by Woking BCSS branch, Graham Charles, and Chris Davies.


We are in a different location this year. We’re in the Gallery which is accessible from the main Glasshouse, just enter and we’re on the right, you shouldn’t be able to miss it. The Glasshouse is a distance from the main entrance, but it is on level ground. For the formal AGM, and for the two afternoon talks we have a room in the Clore building which is literally next door. We’ll have signs up, and we can point out the way to in case of concern. There is a Cafeteria quite close to the Glasshouse.

An innovation this year is the Plant Q&A. A number of your Committee will be ready at 1pm to try to answer any questions you have about the identity, growing or any other aspect of cultivation of your plants. Please do not bring live plants (or dead ones either!) but if you have photos which might help us help you, then do please bring them.

And as always entry is free to Society members!

Go to to see the downloadable map of the Gardens.