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For the cultivation, conservation and study of the genus Mammillaria and allied genera.



Mammillarias have long been popular plants with cactus growers due to their interesting spines and showy flowers. It is the largest genus in the Cactus family with about 250 species and subspecies so there are plenty for the enthusiast to grow. Mammillarias are from Mexico with some species also found in southwest USA, the Caribbean and as far south as Colombia. Several species are endangered or critically endangered in the wild.


Mammillaria baumii in cultivation


Who are we?

The Mammillaria Society was founded in 1960 to promote and study this genus. Over the decades, the scope has been extended to include the allied genera Coryphantha, Escobaria, Neolloydia, Thelocactus and most recently Turbinicarpus. Today, the emphasis is also on the cultivation and conservation of these plants.


Mammillaria longiflora subsp. stampferi in habitat

(Image courtesy of Z. Janeba)


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Thelocactus hexaedrophorus


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Escobaria minima


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22nd June 2021

All current members who have registered for the Members’ Area now have access to all the Society’s Journals published since 2011.


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February 2021 journal is now uploaded in the Members' area, together with the Index for 2020.

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24/05/2018 - New regulations are shortly to come into effect with regard to the protection of the data that the Society holds about its members. A formal letter is being sent with the May journal to all members, which is reproduced here

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