It is with great sadness that we learnt in early October of the death of Dr Alasdair Glen, our Editor

for the last 5 years and Production Editor for the last 14. Our thoughts are for his family and friends.

Please direct any questions please to either Chris Davies or Kathy Flanagan.


LATEST The demand for seed has exceeded expectation, and we are nearly out! We will review order levels  for next year.


On this site, you'll find details about the Society, about membership, and about our Journal and Annual Meetings and Shows. 

We hope you will share our delight in this genus of plants, that stretches from Central America and the Caribbean through all of Mexico and deep into the Western States of the USA. New discoveries are being made all the time, and this web site will feature them once described in the appropriate Journal.

Please also visit the Mammillaria Society Forum to talk with other Mammillaria enthusiasts in the UK and around the world. On this forum there is a magnificent section called Mammillaria A to Z, which lists most Mammillaria names, and is a photo record of these plants in various collections and for many there are photos of them in habitat. We encourage you to use this, which you can without a need to register here or there.

We also have a Facebook Page which you can follow to keep in touch. You'll see a variety of posts interesting with images. 

You do not need to register to look at our free content. You can see our events for the year, and there is a lot of information in the Plants of the Month section. This is not being added to as it would duplicate a lot of what is already on the Mammillari Forum and our Facebook page as detailed above. 

You should register if you are a Mammillaria Society member, and would like access to the Member's area. To do so click Register at the top of the webpage and you will be able to enter your details. This will be retained on our system, but you won't be able to log in immediately, so don't panic! Just send an email to Chris Davies (details in the Journal) or phone, and he will then complete the activation and give you access. This Members Only area contains digital versions of our Journals from 2011 onwards which may be downloaded, and in time more information about our activities and events. The provision of access will typically take up to a few days after contacting us. It is unfortunately necessary to do it this way rather than an automatoc registration, as we have been receiving a lot of false registrations recently and the workload to remove these is much more than registering bona fide Society Members.  

If you have any problems, please contact the webmaster for the site.




07/11/2020 - Seed Offer - please note that each member is entitled to 1 packet of each species offered. Some have just asked for 1 packet!!

26/09/2020 - With regard to the protection of the data that the Society holds about its members, the letter is sent in 2018 is reproduced here

Links - containing Cactus Explorer link to Dr David Hunt's Huitzilopochtlia, and the recently revitalised Mammillarias.net.

Please Note: If you don't receive an activation email after registering, do check your spam folders. Note: Most pictures copyright of Chris Davies. Please contact the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.if you wish to use any of these.

To view a list of the past Plants of the Month, please click here

We are delighted to offer our Back-Journals in gigital format on two DVDs.

Each DVD contains 25 years of Journals, formatted as a single searchable Adobe PDF format document. This means that you can search for any text string you like, and with the use of the Adobe Reader you will find all occurrences in the whole 25 volume set that you are searching in.

We have established pricing for Members and Non-Members, and the differences in costs between UK, Other EU and Rest of the World destinations reflects the differences in postage and handling costs.

Please note that the license granted to any purchaser is for individual use only, and is not to be reproduced, or made available to multiple users. If your requirement is for this type of license, please contact the Treasurer, as below.


Please pay by PayPal or send your order with a sterling cheque drawn on a UK Bank to:

DVD Offer
42A Lower Icknield Way
OX39 4EB
Members Prices
 UK Members DVD 1 - £20.00
UK Member DVD 1 | 20 GBP
 UK Members DVD 2 - £20.00
UK Member DVD 2 | 20 GBP
 UK Members DVD Set - £37.50
UK Member DVD Set (2 DVDs) | 37.50 GBP
 Other European Members DVD 1 - £26
European Member DVD 1 | 26 GBP
 Other European Members DVD 2 - £26
European Member DVD 2 | 26 GBP
 Other European Members DVD Set - £52
European Member DVD Set (2 DVDs) | 52 GBP
 Rest of World Members DVD 1 - £26
ROW Member DVD 1 | 26 GBP
 Rest of World Members DVD 2 - £26
ROW Member DVD 2 | 26 GBP
 Rest of World Members DVD Set - £52
ROW Member DVD Set (2 DVDs) | 52 GBP



Non-Members Prices

 UK Non-Members DVD 1 - £25.00
UK Non-Member DVD 1 | 25 GBP
 UK Non-Members DVD 2 - £25.00
UK Non-Member DVD 2 | 25 GBP
 UK Non-Members DVD Set - £50
UK Non-Member DVD Set (2 DVDs) | 50 GBP
 Other European Non-Members DVD 1 - £27
European Non-Member DVD 1 | 27 GBP
 Other European Non-Members DVD 2 - £27
European Non-Member DVD 2 | 27 GBP
 Other European Non-Members DVD Set - £54
European Non-Member DVD Set (2 DVDs) | 54 GBP
 Rest of World Non-Members DVD 1 - £28
ROW Non-Member DVD 1 | 28 GBP
 Rest of World Non-Members DVD 2 - £28
ROW Non-Member DVD 2 | 28 GBP
 Rest of World Non-Members DVD Set - £56
ROW Non-Member DVD Set (2 DVDs) | 56 GBP

The Society makes an annual offering of seed, which is free to its members. The varieties offered are usually not easy to find, and most, if not all, will have habitat information. Most often though, the seed offered will be second or later generation, owing to the ban of export of seed by the Mexican authorities.#, sourced from a vaiety of well known seed purveyors.


Our previous offers can be seen for reference:










Note: the seed list here cannot be used to order seed. Members please go to the Members area to find the correct form.

The Mammillaria Society publishes a Journal 4 times a year. It contains up to 32 pages of articles and features covering a wide range of subjects for both beginners and advanced collectors.

Members are invited to contribute articles, notes and letters and share their views and experiences.

You can take a look at the Front page and the List of Contents by clicking on the appropriate link below.


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2019 February May August November
2018 February May August November
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2016 February May August November
2015 February May August November
2014 February May August November
2013 February May August November
2012 February May August November
2011 February May August November
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2009 February May August November
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2006 February  May  August  November 


The November Issue of each year has a seed list which is available to members only at that time. Later in the following year, typically after the AGM, seed is available to all our website visitors. For our most recent offer, follow this link - Seed List

Who are its Members?

The Society has a world-wide membership. Members range from professional botanists to enthusiastic amateurs. All share a common love of the genus and a wish to increase their own knowledge and share this with fellow members.

What are the benefits to Members?

  • Four Journals each year
  • An annual seed offer, with the varied choice usually including habitat collected seed
  • Occasional study groups set up to examine particular aspects of the hobby
  • Books on Mammillaria and allied genera


Please note: If anyone wants to join for 2020 before the en dof this year, please contact the Membership Secretary directly.

Subscriptions for 2021 (Unchanged from 2020)

You can now join and renew safely and securely, using your credit card, through our association with PayPal, the world's leading on-line payments system. Alternatively you can download and print the 2021 Membership Application Form here.
UK Members using Paypal will be emailed a request for their current and past membership subscriptions to be considered as Gift Aid. The Society is in the process of applying for this. We would very much like all members to agree as it pushes further back the time when we have to consider again any increases in subscriptions. Do note that the only increases this year are to non UK membership, and these only to fully cover international postage costs.
Pricing is shown in British Pounds but you will be billed in your local currency. This means that Mammillaria Society membership is now available throughout the world.
PLEASE NOTE: Your Paypal receipt will have an old email address on it. If you need to follow up anything connected with your transaction, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
UK Subscription for 2021
UK Membership 2021 | 13 GBP
UK Joint Membership for 2021 (2 members living at the same address)
UK Joint Membership 2021 | 14 GBP

Europe Subscription for 2021

(Air mail, approx. 25 Euro)

Europe Membership 2021 | 20 GBP

Outside Europe including USA Subscription for 2021

(air mail, approx. $38)

Outside Europe including USA Membership 2021 | 24 GBP
Just click on the link to join us or renew your subscription. If you are renewing, don't forget to include your membership number.The subscription year runs from January and if you join part way through the year then all the previous Journals for that year will be sent to you.
Note: there are no additional shipping, handling or tax costs - all rates are fully inclusive.


10/11/2018 - Events page updated with our 2019 Annual Meeting at RHS Wisley

10/11/2018 - Members can now access all journals up to August 2018. Please contact Chris Davies

10/11/2018 - Membership for 2019 can now be purchased. Please use the link in the top right hand menu box.

24/05/2018 - New regulations are shortly to come into effect with regard to the protection of the data that the Society holds about its members. A formal letter is being sent with the May journal to all members, which is reproduced here

Links - containing Cactus Explorer link to Dr David Hunt's Huitzilopochtlia, and the recently revitalised Mammillarias.net.

Please Note: If you don't receive an activation email after registering, do check your spam folders. Note: Most pictures copyright of Chris Davies. Please contact the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.if you wish to use any of these.

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