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For the cultivation, conservation and study of the genus Mammillaria and allied genera.



Mammillarias have long been popular plants with cactus growers due to their interesting spines and showy flowers. It is the largest genus in the Cactus family with about 250 species and subspecies so there are plenty for the enthusiast to grow. Mammillarias are from Mexico with some species also found in southwest USA, the Caribbean and as far south as Colombia. Several species are endangered or critically endangered in the wild.


Mammillaria baumii in cultivation


Who are we?

The Mammillaria Society was founded in 1960 to promote and study this genus. Over the decades, the scope has been extended to include the allied genera Coryphantha, Escobaria, Neolloydia, Thelocactus and most recently Turbinicarpus. Today, the emphasis is also on the cultivation and conservation of these plants.


Mammillaria longiflora subsp. stampferi in habitat

(Image courtesy of Z. Janeba)


For our members

  • Quarterly illustrated Journal.
  • Quarterly Zoom presentations.
  • Annual seed list (GB members only).
  • Annual meeting with displays, plant sales and/or talks.
  • Biennial Show.
  • Members' Area on our website which includes access to Journals from the last 10 years.
  • A discount on digitised journals covering 60 years. Three DVDs are available with search contents.


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Thelocactus hexaedrophorus


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Escobaria minima


News and Updates

22nd June 2021

All current members who have registered for the Members’ Area now have access to all the Society’s Journals published since 2011.


Registering for the Members’ Area

Mammillaria Society members are entitled to access the Members' Area of the website as part of their membership. If you are a member, please complete the registration form to create your account. Please note on registering you will not receive an activation email. We have removed this owing to issues with false registrations. Members of the Society who want access to the Members' Area are asked to register and then email the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. who will activate their account.


If you have any problems, please contact the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for the site.






February 2021 journal is now uploaded in the Members' area, together with the Index for 2020.

To view a list of the past Plants of the Month, please click here

2021 Events


Thursday 16th December, TBC - 'Genus Mammillaria and its allies - in the field and in cultivation' by Zlatko Janeba

Zlatko has spent several years in the south-west of the USA and has travelled to Mexico several times. On his travels he has observed many mammillarias and many of their allies such as Coryphantha and Neobesseya. 

Zoom link and joining instruction to follow.


Wednesday 22nd September, 18.30 BST - 'Small Mammillarias in Habitat' by Daniel Beck

Daniel Beck from Germany will be presenting the third Zoom talk for 2021. This talk will focus mainly on the small mammillarias (many with large flowers) that Daniel has come across on his travels in Mexico. 

Zoom link: Opens at 18.15 BST for members to join


Meeting ID: 848 5844 3441
Passcode: 726319


Thursday 17th June, 19.30 BST - 'Mammillarias in my greenhouse and in Mexico' by Wolter ten Hoeve 

The second in the series of Zoom talks for 2021 will be given by Wolter ten Hoeve. Wolter has a large collection of Mammillaria species and has travelled in Mexico many times. 

Zoom link: Opens at 19.15 BST for members to join


Meeting ID: 872 4061 2902

Passcode: 236810





Who are its Members?

The Society has a world-wide membership. Members range from professional botanists to enthusiastic amateurs. All share a common love of the genus and a wish to increase their own knowledge and share this with fellow members.

What are the benefits to Members?

  • Four Journals each year
  • An annual seed offer, with the varied choice usually including data
  • Occasional study groups set up to examine particular aspects of the hobby
  • Books on Mammillaria and allied genera


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We are delighted to offer our Back-Journals in digital format in three "DVDs". In reality they will be provided, if more than one is purchased, as two or three separate pdfs onto a single DVD.

DVD1 contains the first 25 years of Journals from the foundation of the Society, formatted as a single searchable Adobe PDF format document. This means that you can search for any text string you like, and with the use of the Adobe Reader you will find all occurrences in the whole 25 volume set that you are searching in.

DVD2 contains the next 25 years, and our newest addition, DVD3 contains the most recent 10 years. Together they form a complete history of the Society journals up to the end of 2020.

We have established pricing for Members and Non-Members, and the differences in costs between UK, Other EU and Rest of the World destinations reflects the differences in postage and handling costs.

Please note that the license granted to any purchaser is for individual use only, and is not to be reproduced, or made available to multiple users. If your requirement is for this type of license, please contact the Society directly.

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The Mammillaria Society publishes a Journal 4 times a year. It contains from 28 to 40 pages of articles and features covering a wide range of subjects for both beginners and advanced collectors.

Members are invited to contribute articles, notes and letters and share their views and experiences.

You can take a look at the Front page and the List of Contents by clicking on the appropriate link below.


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The November Issue of each year has a seed list which is available to members only at that time. Later in the following year, typically after the AGM, seed is available to all our website visitors. For our most recent offer, follow this link - Seed List

The Society makes an annual offering of seed, which is free to its members. The varieties offered are usually not easy to find, and most, if not all, will have habitat information. Most often though, the seed offered will be second or later generation, owing to the ban of export of seed by the Mexican authorities.#, sourced from a vaiety of well known seed purveyors.


Our previous offers can be seen for reference:










Note: the seed list here cannot be used to order seed. Members please go to the Members area to find the correct form.

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