Saturday 1st and Sunday 2nd June Sheffield BCSS Branch and Mammillaria Society Show

Dorothy Fox Centre, Sheffield Botanical Gardens S10 2LN. Schedule, Entry form XLS, Entry form PDF, Poster

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Zoom meeting, June 20th 2024, 8pm UK time

Thelocactus in cultivation and habitat, Paul Hoxey
Time: Jun 20, 2024 08:00 PM London

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“The genus Thelocactus is one of my favourite genera to grow in the greenhouse and I have raised most of the species from seed over the last 30 years. The genus is well-suited for cultivation. The plants grow well and are generally undemanding yet reward the grower with large brightly coloured flowers. I have also been fortunate to see many of the species in their habitat in Mexico. This talk will touch on the history of the genus and other background information followed by an illustrated overview of the species with equal emphasis on growing the plants in cultivation together with information on plants in their natural habitats.” Paul Hoxey

Saturday 13th July 2024, Oxford BCSS Branch and Mammillaria Society Show

Old Mill Hall, School Lane, Grove OX12 7LB

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