LATEST (24/09/2020): The August Journal is now printed, after an additional and unavoidable stay in hospital of our Editor. It is anticipated that they should be in the Post early next week. 


On this site, you'll find details about the Society, about membership, and about our Journal and Annual Meetings and Shows. 

We hope you will share our delight in this genus of plants, that stretches from Central America and the Caribbean through all of Mexico and deep into the Western States of the USA. New discoveries are being made all the time, and this web site will feature them once described in the appropriate Journal.

Please also visit the Mammillaria Society Forum to talk with other Mammillaria enthusiasts in the UK and around the world. On this forum there is a magnificent section called Mammillaria A to Z, which lists most Mammillaria names, and is a photo record of these plants in various collections and for many there are photos of them in habitat. We encourage you to use this, which you can without a need to register here or there.

We also have a Facebook Page which you can follow to keep in touch. You'll see a variety of posts interesting with images. 

You do not need to register to look at our free content. You can see our events for the year, and there is a lot of information in the Plants of the Month section. This is not being added to as it would duplicate a lot of what is already on the Mammillari Forum and our Facebook page as detailed above. 

You should register if you are a Mammillaria Society member, and would like access to the Member's area. To do so click Register at the top of the webpage and you will be able to enter your details. This will be retained on our system, but you won't be able to log in immediately, so don't panic! Just send an email to Chris Davies (details in the Journal) or phone, and he will then complete the activation and give you access. This Members Only area contains digital versions of our Journals from 2011 onwards which may be downloaded, and in time more information about our activities and events. The provision of access will typically take up to a few days after contacting us. It is unfortunately necessary to do it this way rather than an automatoc registration, as we have been receiving a lot of false registrations recently and the workload to remove these is much more than registering bona fide Society Members.  

If you have any problems, please contact the webmaster for the site.




19/3/2020 - The February Journal is delayed because of ill health, but has been sent to the printers, and will be posted as soon as possible. This could be a week or two yet.

19/11/2019 - Members can now access all journals up to and including August 2019. Please contact Chris Davies for access.

20/11/2019 - Membership for 2020 can now be purchased. Please use the link in the top right hand menu box.

24/05/2018 - New regulations are shortly to come into effect with regard to the protection of the data that the Society holds about its members. A formal letter is being sent with the May journal to all members, which is reproduced here

Links - containing Cactus Explorer link to Dr David Hunt's Huitzilopochtlia, and the recently revitalised Mammillarias.net.

Please Note: If you don't receive an activation email after registering, do check your spam folders. Note: Most pictures copyright of Chris Davies. Please contact the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.if you wish to use any of these.

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